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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Many people have asked us questions about the Temple. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any query you could still send it through Contact us page. This temple is for the benefit of the community and we are committed to help in any way we can.

Your Questions

  • Why do you need donations? Where does the money donated go?
    Main expenses in running the temple are Mortgage, Insurance, Association fees and Priests salary and living expenses of about $4500. Additional amount of about $1500-$2000 is needed for Gas/Electricity, cooking, day to day expenses and cleaning. Special events organized to celebrate festivals require additional expenses. Our current mortgage is about $230K and paying it off will save us $1850 per month. We need your help to payoff this mortgage.
  • Why does the temple organize Musical events for Holi and Diwali?
    Main purpose of the temple is to instill pride of their heritage in our kids. Hence it acts as a religious and cultural center. Musical events also have worked as a fund raiser to cover the short fall in our budget. These events have not been very profitable for the temple and have been discontinued.
  • How can I donate money to the temple.
    There are many ways you could donate money to the temple:
    1. Pay by using Paypal - Log on to www.hindutemplevc.com, on home page, select an amount in the Paypal drop down menu and use the paypal button to make donation
    2. Send check to: Hindu Temple Ventura County, 6085 King Dr., Unit 110, Ventura, CA 93003.
    3. Direct deposit to the bank account:
    Bank Name: Bank of America
    Bank Address: 755 W. Channel Island Blvd., Port Hueneme, CA 93041
    Account Name: Hindu Temple Ventura County
    Account Number: 001038040223
    Routing #: 510000756
    4. Contribute in person at the temple.
  • I can not donate $51 every month but would like to support the Temple?
    Any amount you can donate is welcome. Every dollar donated helps us meet the expenses.
  • Who decides what programs are done at the temple?
    Temple programming is decided by Pandit ji based on Devotee and Trustee input.
  • I want to see a specific event/celebration at the temple?
    It is your temple. Please work with Panditji to figure out a time to do your specific event. We will need your help and initiatives to make the event happen. If enough devotees come to the event and help with it then event can continue on regular basis. We have Hanuman Chalisa paath on Tuesdays, Sai Baba pujan on Thursdays, and Satya Narayan katha on each Purnima, are examples of such programs.
  • Temple calendar published on website an event that did not take place!
    Our calendar is published at the begining of the year. On rare occasions there are circumstances where we are unable to do an event, or say a devotee has specific reason to sponsor a day for family reasons (death or wedding). Such requests are handled by Panditji. Please check our weekly e-mail or call Temple.